Jägermeister Spice

jägermeister spice german herbal liqueur

Years ago Jägermeister used to be the type of booze you’d see your grandmother sipping as a magic cure for everything, but those years are long gone, given Jäger is to be found in pubs, or clubs, rather than pharmacies. With Jägermeister Spice, the iconic German herbal liquor introduces a sweater and weaker version that contains 25 percent alcohol (as compared to the 35 percent of the bitter original). The Spice’s flavor is inspired by an original recipe that contains some 56 secret herbs, roots, and flowers, with cinnamon and vanilla being highlighted. Jäger Spice certainly aims at the audience that found the original booze a bit too bitter and too strong, so just in case don’t present it to your granny or you can ruin her good memories. $24

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