Japan’s Abandoned Botanical Garden

I love Japan; The people, the food, the culture, the technology. It is truly of the best countries in the world. As technologically updated Japan is known to be, they do have amazing natural surroundings. There is a 12,000-square metre abandoned botanical garden in Izu peninsula, which is west of Tokyo.

Back in the day, this was called the Irozaki Jungle Park that was built in 1969, but closed in 2003, after decades of declining visitors. In such a beautiful country like Japan with many tourist attractions, it is understood why a glorified glasshouse may not be sitting top on a tourist’s to-do list. In my opinion, things that are unspoilt, are sometimes the most aesthetic, as it has been left in nature’s hands. So, if you get the chance to go to Japan in the future, be sure to visit this natural beauty.

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