JHO Unleashes the GS1 Knife: The GS Stands For Gentleman Slasher!

JHO Knives are made to be used and abused. The GS1 Knife, short for Gentleman Slasher, is a tool for discerning gents to carry on their belt, in their pocket or any other handy place ready for when a blade is required. Remember, it’s a tool. Gentleman Slasher is just its name.

new gs1 knife comes

Inspired by a straight razor, JHO machined a square blade from titanium, then modified and matched it with an equally angular steel handle. When folded, the blade almost disappears. Without the use of any lock or spring, JHO were able to create a knife that’s extremely clean and minimal. Exactly how you want it: A small handsome, highly functional flipper.

 gs1 knife guaranteed life time

JHO strives to produce quality, lasting knives. All of its products are guaranteed for life, and the GS1 includes a knife case, T6 & T8 screwdriver and extra Teflon washers. Available in black or grey colouring (Blackout and bronze are sold out), you can purchase the GS1 for US $260 with $10 flat-rate shipping.

Check it out

gs1 knife holding by hand

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