The KAKUDO Butter Case is Smooth as Butter

As you’re probably aware, Japanese craftsmanship often entails treating every aspect of design with the utmost degree of seriousness and precision. Such a dedicated stance applies to all things big and small, meaning there is no object so mundane that it can’t use an artisanal upgrade. Here to prove as much is the KAKUDO Butter Case, which signifies a refined approach toward a household object most of us probably take for granted.

kakudo butter case smooth

Handmade in Japan using sustainable, felled timber from the forests of mountainous Hokkaido, the KAKUDO Butter Case represents a partnership between renowned designer Oji Masanori and master craftsman Takhashi Kougei. Accordingly, the case exudes the kind of elegant simplicity and timeless minimalist aesthetic we’ve come to associate with the best of Japanese artisanship. There’s something quietly brilliant about those smooth, richly detailed wooden panels and perfect proportions. The word Kakudo translates to “angle”, reinforcing exactitude as well as the unfettered manner in which the lid slides organically into the base.

kakudo butter case collection

The KAKUDO Butter Case comes in two different sizes and three different colours of walnut, cherry and maple. Included with every purchase is a wooden butter spreader made with the same level of precision and refinement as the case itself. The KAKUDO Butter Case is made to last and will duly elevate the interior of any kitchen by way of its perfect structure and timelessly smooth aura, so don’t scoff at its price tag of $198 AUD.

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