Kanye West to Try His Hand at Architecture with Yeezy Home

We’ve avoided the hot-button topic of Kanye’s latest Twitter meltdown for some weeks now, but given our affinity with great architecture and design, well … this shit can’t be real.

In yet another Tweet which may or may not be completely bonkers, Kanye has announced that he intends to launch an architecture arm to his Yeezy franchise. He’s even put a call out for architects and industrial designers to come forth to help him achieve this goal. His current partnership with adidas, designing shoes for millennial blokes who work lower-mid-tier jobs in creative design and advertising, has netted both him and the company some serious dollars since their launch in 2015, but rocking some fresh Kanye-endorsed kicks and living in a conception of the troubled rapper’s mind are two very, very different things.

Throughout the course of Mr. West’s colourful career, he has compared himself with: Donald Trump, Steve Jobs, Socrates, Walt Disney, Andy Warhol, Anna Wintour, Michael Jackson, Howard Hughes, Leonardo da Vinci, Nike, Kurt Cobain, William Shakespeare, Axl Rose, Thomas Edison, Pablo Picasso, Jim Morrison, Willy Wonka, David Stern, Braveheart, Hermès, Jimi Hendrix, Michelangelo, Ralph Lauren and Google.

Yes. Google.

The Google.

So just what exactly does a Kanye West-inspired line of architecture and industrial design look like? We have no idea. If this was IKEA then we could only envision a recliner with a giant space for your inflated sense of talent called EGØCENTRIKK. Perhaps one for the missus, too, GØLDDIGGÅ (a giant seat–no cushion required). In fact you could have an entire KKÅNYEE family of flat-pack, build-it-yourself furniture. DIŠSTRAKK, a record player which only plays Yeesus’ very own tunes, would sit comfortably next to a set of RAPPŠPEEKRS, which bleat out self-affirmation tweets on a loop.

Alas, this isn’t IKEA, it’s Kanye, so whether or not his desire to become a doyen of design sees light of day is anybody’s guess. Previous collaborations include shoes for Louis Vuitton, Bape and Giuseppe Zanotti, as well as his ongoing collaboration with adidas, which encompasses an entire line of Kanye-designed fashion.

Who knows. Maybe a career in producing records, spitting lines and flogging over-hyped trainers is all the experience one needs to enter the architecture industry. Or maybe he’s just getting trigger-happy on the social media in light of a new album. You know. The one he’s almost certainly about to drop.

Either way, Yeezy Home might be coming soon to a Hypebeast’s lounge room near you.

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