Keep Active at Your Desk on The Level

We all know that sitting behind a desk for many hours at a time is bad for your health. Not only does it lowers your life expectancy and increases your chance of heart failure, it also kills your creativity. Fluidstance created The Level as the fun alternative to getting you active in the workplace. The Level creates 3D motion in the sagittal, transverse, and coronal planes. Essentially, by forcing you to keep balance, The Level creates motion in the lower legs, which is similar to you actively walking around and pumps your heart. The Original Handmade Level boards use bamboo to make their top decks and is handcast using a ‘Green Sand Process’, while the American uses recycled military-grade aluminum produced in a solar-powered facility. All scrap aluminum from the manufacturing process is recycled back into the supply chain so that there is zero waste in the process. With an innovative design and rave reviews, The Level encourages everyone to stay healthy, even when they’re tied down by work, or Netflix.

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foot desk item

foot desk item on the floor