Keep Safe on the Roads with the Blaze Laserlight

Any biker would know that cycling at night is incredibly dangerous without a light. But many attachable lights are not only awkward, and are not easily able to be turned on and off, but also require many changes and replacements. The Blaze Laserlight is a precision instrument, made from 109 individual components. The end result being a powerful LED light combined with laser projection, allowing for maximum safety on the roads. Using aircraft-grade aluminium (i.e. really tough and light metal) with diamond cut edges, the Blaze Light is built to last, and is 100% waterproof. The light is rechargeable, lasting a solid 13 hours on a 4 hour charge. Depending on your safety needs, the Blaze Laserlight offers either Laserlight, LED, or both. You can choose flashing or steady states, and choose between 100 or 300 lumen settings for the LED light. One size fits all, with an option of three inserts that ensures that the Blaze Laserlight fits nearly all handlebars out there.

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silver blaze laserlight

 bike rider use blaze laserlight

blaze laserlight main body

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green color blaze laserlight