The Kelty Loveseat for Camping Kings

For co-dependent couples who can’t bear to spend even a second apart on the weekend camping trip or the single guy looking to stand out from the crowd at a music festival, Kelty have delivered with the Low Loveseat Chair. It’s a game-changer in the world of camping equipment and something you didn’t realise you needed until you first knew of its existence.

Sure it’s got the requisite durable steel frame, quilted polyester, insulated cup holders and adjustable armrests, but if it’s sheer novelty you’re after then the Kelty Loveseat delivers in spades. It weighs approximately 7kgs but can support an impressive 227kgs with a width of about 112cm. The reclined seat sits about 34cm off the ground and comes with either a tundra blue or chilli red colour frame, so it’s the perfect mixture of utilitarian design and comfort.

Hell, it’d probably make the ideal bed replacement for those too drunk to find their tent or operate the fly-screen zip, so for those looking to put the ‘great’ in great outdoors, this is your ticket to instant camping cred.

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