Kick Back and Relax at Casa do Lago

Cadi Arquitectura is a brilliant architectural firm that recently developed Casa do Lago, or “Lake House.” Casa do Lago is a single-family structure built upon a gorgeous lake, designed to blend into the natural surroundings, offer all of the comforts of a traditional home, but provide a place for relaxation, rest, and retreat.

casa do lago drinking table and tool view

The drive to the house is obstructed by a beautifully-crafted wooden draw-gate that ensure the location and property is only available to those who are supposed to be there. As you proceed down the path you are greeted by an expansive and serene lake, which, upon one bank sits Casa do Lago.

casa do lago dining table and chair decoration

The exterior is made entirely of stone, wood, and slate, blending perfectly into the tree line behind it. The stone gives it a powerful and sturdy vibe, while the wood and slate seem to tone it down and make it appear more cozy than you would imagine, with it being the only structure in eyesight.

casa do lago tv room with sofa

Inside the house you seem many of the same materials used to create an extremely contemporary living space complete with a long live-edge island and stools, spacious entertainment center, and a beautiful wet-bar.

casa do lago kitchen room area

Cadi Arquitectura has designed dozens of beautiful spaces over the years, but there’s something especially unique about this one. There’s no place I’d rather go relax, that’s for sure.

Check it out

a car behaind casa do logos main gate

casa do logos lake area

lake casa do logos and mountain view

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