Kicking Butt in the Winter? You Need the North Face Men’s NSE Traction Chukka Lite WP II

If you know anything about cold weather gear, then you’ll recognize the name North Face. Even if you’re not a cold weather enthusiast, you probably still know the name. With that kind of a reputation to uphold, it’s no surprise that North Face has come out with a shoe that meets the needs of both form and function: the Men’s NSE Traction Chukka Lite WP II.

north face men shoe black

The NSE Traction Chukka was designed with the idea of keeping your feet warm and dry. The chukkas feature North Face’s PrimaLoft insulation. A goose down alternative, PrimaLoft is perfect for wet-weather. PrimaLoft provides water resistance and compressibility without a bunch of added bulk. As a part of the chukkas, PrimaLoft adds a level of comfort you’ve never experienced from a pair of shoes.

north face men shoe outsole

Because of their water-resistant quality, the NSE Traction Chukkas are great for being outdoors in the wet and cold. The insulation traps hot air to reduce heat loss, keeping your feet warm, which in turn keeps you out longer. But the chukkas aren’t clunky work boots or poufy moonboots. They’re stylish so that you can enjoy their warm comfort wherever you go—at work, home, or play—and are available in black or grey.

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