Killspencer’s Black Leather Fits Like a Glove

Killspencer has taken their love for black leather and applied it to America’s favourite pastime. The deluxe blacked-out collector’s edition baseball glove is made from premium full-grain leather with black bull hide accents and sheepskin lining the interior. Killspencer’s leather allows the natural markings and character to show through so you will know every catch you’ve ever taken. Each glove is hand-cut, machine stitched and hand-threated in the USA. The gloves are made to order for either left or right-handed use, and you can personalise the glove with a monogram of your name or any other text you like. With Killspencer’s baseball glove you will be ready for the World Series in no time.

Check it out

killspencer baseball black glove inside view

killspencer baseball black glove outside view

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