Don’t Lose Internet in the Subway with the Kommute App

The best part about smartphones is the availability of all of your news and info everywhere, thanks to huge data plans and solid network coverage. The problems arise, however, when you go offline and suddenly it becomes becomes a dumbphone. If you need to pull up a quick piece of info, read some news articles or just browse your favorite sites, the abilities all disappear once the bars go to zero. New app Kommute aims to solve all that with an ingenious system that allows for offline access to all of your favorite sites.

kommute app in iphone

All you do is select your favorite sites and Kommute will intelligently select important content for you to browse later, whether you’re in a plane or underground in the subway. And you don’t need to worry about what you can and can’t click – the app will download all of a site’s deep links as well so that the whole breadth of the content is available at your fingertips even when service is nowhere to be found. With great functionality and a slick interface, Kommute is great way to keep yourself connected even when the phone company doesn’t want to.

kommute app in iphone with description