Kuberg is Putting the Free into Their Freerider Electric Dirt Bike

Kuberg is here to deliver a one of a kind experience. Hop atop a Kuberg Freerider and you’ll get to enjoy the thrill of a new rider that can take you truly anywhere. With massive power, a tranquil electric motor, and a new take on transportation, travel how you like and where you like, without disrupting or disturbing your environment. Go wherever you please and do it with no noise, fumes, or boundaries.

kuberg freerider electric dirt bike test

Maybe what the Kuberg Freerider offers more than anything else is just that – Freedom. If you don’t appreciate that upon your first ride, reexamine that thought as you look down from the top of a treacherous trail, realize no one else has or will make it up to you, and recognize that you have accomplished a feat not many could, just by wanting it. That is true freedom.

kuberg freerider electric dirt bike uphill ride

Another way the Freerider offers unparalleled freedom is through unique customization options. With the ability to alter your power source (and amount), The fork size and style, and of course your wheels. Your Freerider can be whatever you want it to be and will conform to you and your unique riding style.

Kuberg goes the extra mile (pun intended), by delivering a comprehensive and impressive mobile app to pair with your bike that allows you to utilize it as a speedometer, monitor your riding stats, update your bike’s firmware, set top speeds and maximum torque, and even set a riding perimeter.

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