Lagavulin’s 10 Year Old Scotch is Only Available at Dufry

Air travel just got a lot better. Available exclusively at Dufry duty-free stores in select airports around the world, Lagavulin’s 10-year-old single malt Scotch whisky will be available for purchase.

The whisky is described as being “fiery yet light, smoky yet smooth.” Distilled in the Lagavulin distillery on Islay’s southern shoreline, the beverage was concocted by Diageo’s master of malts Dr. Craig Wilson. “Many people see Lagavulin as the definitive Islay malt and, like other members of the family, this new expression has a charming exuberance and full-on character,” says Wilson. “It is rich, intense and smoky, having spent time in American Oak casks, while a creamy smoothness and hint of spice shines through form its maturation in first-fill ex-bourbon casks.” Wilson went on to say, “What makes this single malt unique is the combination of refill, Bourbon and freshly charred casks that we used in its creation. The Bourbon casks add a sweetness to the flavor and the freshly charred casks add spicy and woody notes. The different wood types used have helped create a whisky with a fiery light and smoky yet smooth character—one that is filled with surprising contrasts.”

Lagavulin Ultra Exclusive 10 with red feather background

As for taste, Wilson describes the whisky, stating, “On the palate, Lagavulin 10 Year Old is sweet and salty at first, before it builds to a fiery crescendo with a spicy and smoky finish that is both intense and warming. It’s best enjoyed neat or with water, which helps unlock some of the deeper layers of flavor.”

Why sell exclusively through Dufry? Anna MacDonald, marketing and innovation director for Diageo Global Travel, explains, “Lagavulin 10 Year Old is a rare and wonderful innovation from an incredibly skilled team of expert whisky-makers who draw on more than 200 years of craft. This iconic Scotch is the embodiment of the legendary island of Islay from where this richly textured whisky derives its intense and remarkable nose of smoky, briny sweetness. To have this new and highly anticipated single malt as a Dufry exclusive is a great incentive for consumers in search of new and exceptional flavor experiences to peruse the Dufry aisles as they await their flight.” The whisky is bottled at 43 percent and retails for £50 for a 700ml bottle.

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