LayerLAB Roll Out First Release – Introducing the GO Wheelchair

Born of Layer Studios in London, LayerLAB is the renowned design agency’s fresh, enterprising new research and development initiative which launched earlier this year to, in their own words: ‘investigate new applications for emerging technologies and materials with the potential to meaningfully improve quality of life’. This noble ethos has produced their fantastic inaugural project called GO – a 3D printed custom made wheelchair that is 100% user-centric. 3D digital data maps a user’s biometric information to measure the seat and foot-bay, making each wheelchair literally as comfortable as possible, and design is also assisted by the user’s ability to make adjustments on a corresponding app before ordering. As a result, the GO caters to a vast spectrum of disabilities and lifestyles and may well have the potential to change the perception of wheelchairs entirely.

layerlab roll out introducing wheelchair style

The developers spent two years researching the needs of wheelchair users and medical professionals and, above all else, have set out to remove the stigma that is often associated with wheelchair use. In the process of doing so, they have made an impressively thoughtful, human-focused product that draws attention away from the stereotypical heavy metal chair with a set of wheels.

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