This Leather Document Holder Does More with Less

When it comes to carrying documents throughout the workday, the clunky briefcase and its imposing, obstructive aura is a little old school. Likewise, the modern leather satchel tends to pack some real heft, which won’t keep you light on your feet. Of course you still need a place to keep all those important business papers, and walking around with a bunch of folders in your hand will come off as downright unprofessional, not to mention impractical. Consider injecting some elegant, minimalistic style into your hustle (and impressing your fellow employees) with the A5 Leather Document Holder from Japan’s Yamasaki Design Works.

leather document holder wallet

The A5 Leather Document Holder epitomises the type of clean, minimalist aesthetic and approachable design one might commonly associate with Japanese craftsmanship. The use of smooth, premium leather and visible stitching lends the holder a true hand-made aura while the pared down details emanate with lightness. The pockets are modern and sensible, creating a vibe of transparency and openness even if the documents therein are top secret. A special pocket just for your pen drives home a certain understated, functional essence.

Like so many Japanese made products, the A5 Leather Document Holder elevates your personal style by taking away the common bulk of your personal belongings. It makes a big impression by saying less, letting the material and design do virtually all of the talking. The message relayed is that you’re a modern professional of refined taste who can be trusted by others…even if and when you’ve got plenty to hide.

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