Lebron and Schwarznegger Spearhead the New Wellness Brand Ladder

What happens when you get headliners like Lebron James, Arnold Schwarznegger, Cindy Crawford, and Lindsey Vonn working together? You get a health and wellness brand that’s going to attract a lot of attention, for starters.

The new brand is called Ladder, and it is aimed at helping people achieve a healthy and active lifestyle. That goal will be achieved by providing support and guidance from advisors and experts. Not only will the brand bring a plethora of content, it will also be providing products that are both safe and efficient and that are meant for both the elite athlete and for everyday active lifestyles. Ladder will be built on three pillars—content, community, and product.

Reportedly, the idea for Ladder came to James when he suffered severe cramping during the 2014 NBA Finals. His trainer had a tough time finding something that met the standards of quality and safety that James needed. The other sponsors report having similar challenges when looking for quality products.

Content will come courtesy of experts in different fields that “represent different philosophies and beliefs in fitness, nutrition, health, and wellness.” The initial product line will include flavored whey and plant protein powder as well as caffeine-based energy drinks and other “green” supplements.

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