Lego of The Past and Enjoy The Future of Brik

Lego, the signature accessory of every man’s inner child, and the source of hours upon hours of fiddly occupational therapy, is now available to stick to your walls. Or any flat surface, really. The guys at Brik, who already appeased fans of the tiny, multi-coloured toys with their Lego-friendly MacBook cases, are back with the Brik Tile, a self-adhesive wall tile that can turn a wall into a veritable display of pixel-art or even practical storage space, with clips, hooks, organisers and even small shelfs being supported by their product.

wall tiles logo

The tiles adhere to any smooth, flat surface and can be removed and reapplied multiple times. They’re currently available on Kickstarter and all tiles come with Briks (their own easy-to-remove version of Lego) and putting them up will probably not just get you a dad-of-the-year trophy (or at least a #1 DAD coffee mug), but will also find you spending hours letting your mind run free with tiny pieces of plastic and an endless imagination.

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