The Lenovo Yoga 910: Get You A Laptop That Can Do Both

You’ve got your Coach weekender bag packed, but there’s only room for either your laptop or your tablet. Now you don’t have to choose thanks to awesome hybrids like the Lenovo Yoga 910.

Buying a laptop ain’t what it used to be. Laptops used to open and close. Bam. Thanks for playing. Now you’ve got ‘laptops’ like the Lenovo Yoga 910: multi-talented, stylish machines with eye-popping displays, more versatility than a Swiss army knife and a design that rivals a Swiss watch.

The Lenovo Yoga 910 is a beautiful 2-in-1 laptop/tablet hybrid, with a 14-inch 4K touchscreen display (3840×2160), a 1TB solid state drive for fast access to your files and applications, 16GB of RAM and an Intel Core i7 processor (2.7GHz). There’s a 1080p display available online, and while they might have more conservative screens, you’re paid off by getting back a few hours of battery life.

lenovo yoga 910 high definition 4K display laptop

The Yoga has several ‘poses’ that make it unique. It acts as your run-of-the-mill laptop, flips over into a presentation mode, backflips into a tent-style mode, and even flips completely on itself to become a gorgeous, 14-inch 4K Windows 10-enabled tablet.

It achieves all these limber new poses thanks to what Lenovo calls its ‘watchband hinge’. The hinge features six flexible chain links that look like the timepiece a robot would wear. They allow the laptop to lie completely flat, as well as backflip over itself. It’s strong, too: the hinge is rigid enough to allow you to use the touchscreen without the panel wobbling, yet it’s easy to open, close and flip at your leisure.

watchband hinge of lenovo yoga 910

It sounds amazing in any and all configurations too, thanks to premium JBL audio under the lip of the device, with Dolby tuning software baked in to get the best sound at any angle.

Under the hood, the Yoga is definitely impressive. You’ll get between 8 and 10 hours of battery on normal use, and hypermiling the unit can get you up to anywhere around 14 hours of life (providing you’re turning the brightness down and all the antennae off). The backlit keyboard is brilliant and easy to use, and the trackpad is big and responsive. Under the keyboard deck you find a fingerprint sensor for easy security, and while it takes a little longer to set up than a Windows Hello-compatible laptop would, it’s still nice to have for the added peace of mind.

 lenovo yoga 910 laptop  keypad

The Yoga is also one of the few laptops to feature both the new USB-C inputs for power and video/data transfer, as well as an older, USB 2.0 port. Most new machines only feature USB-C, and assume that you simply stopped using old devices altogether. The Yoga is thankfully more practical from a connectivity standpoint!

You won’t be playing a whole lot of games on the Yoga, what with its integrated Intel HD 620 graphics, but you may be able to get away with games like Civilisation and older, non-AAA titles on lower settings.

The Yoga is also more than a little expensive at $2789, but you trade a lot for style over substance. Laptops more suited to gaming and high-intensity processing like Razer’s new Blade line or a cheaper 15-inch Alienware model might have a more powerful processor, better ports and a better gaming experience, but at the cost of a quality, reversible hinge, a 4K screen and a ding in the amount of storage you get out of the box to name a few things.

 lenovo yoga 910 watchband hinge and video view

Plus, there’s little that can beat the style and diminutive weight of the Yoga, despite a 4K screen and a battery that lasts as long as you do. It’s an impressive device wrapped in luxury that will stay in style for years.

The Yoga looks incredibly at home in a gorgeous leather messenger bag. It’s light enough to carry around all day, yet substantial enough that you won’t find yourself wanting another device with you. That’s the beauty of a quality 2-in-1: forget carrying both your tablet and your laptop: find you a girl that can do both. The Yoga is a timeless 2-in-1 design, influenced by the design of timepieces themselves, and it’s perfect as your next lightweight productivity and entertainment laptop.

Lenovo Yoga 910

man laughing in the screen lenovo yoga 910

 lenovo yoga 910 laptop  back side view

 lenovo yoga 910 laptop side view

 lenovo yoga 910 laptop black keypad

gold lenovo yoga 910 laptop on the table

lenovo yoga 910 laptop side and front  view

lenovo yoga 910 laptop superior stereo