LG’s 360 Cam Changes the Way You Record Media

At Mobile World Congress, LG announced a number of very exciting items. Including new phones, cameras and more, they certainly are not resting on their laurels. One great new item is the LG 360 Cam. The LG 360 CAM is a compact 360-degree angle camera equipped with two 13 megapixel wide-angle cameras, a great battery and 4GB of internal memory. If you got the new G5, the 360 Cam can be easily connected, allowing users to easily create 360-degree content. 360 video may be the future, and LG is pushing very hard to be a leader in the space. LG has also formed a cool partnership with Google, allowing images taken with the 360 CAM, allowing you to upload to StreetView and YouTube 360. With all of these features packed in, in addition to some great tech, the 360 is an awesome device to bring you into 2016.

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