Licence to Carry – This is Ground Presents the Riff

Having mastered the art of the tablet and laptop carry case, LA’s This is Ground turns their attention to smaller but no less important things. Naturally, the results are magnificent. Presenting the Riff, a premium Mod-inspired carry for your smartphone.

this is ground presents smartphone bag

As with nearly all This is Ground products, the Riff couples timeless craftsmanship with purely contemporary demand. Made from 100% cowhide, it touts a remarkably smooth exterior and singularly refined aesthethic. Flip this baby open and a beautifully proportioned and economic interior is unveiled. If nothing else, the Riff represents a miniature take on This is Ground’s brilliant organisational prowess.

this is ground presents open mobile bag

Available in two sizes and six distinguished colours, the Riff is compatible with iPhone 6 (or iPhone 6 Plus) and a slew of other devices from brands like Samsung. It’s also the ideal place to keep things like headphones, a notebook, a pen and a card. You already cherish your smartphone–perhaps it’s time to give that device a luxurious (mobile) home of its own. And if you’re a true connoisseur, be sure to scope the mind-blowing limited edition version made in collaboration with artist @freegums.

this is ground presents gold color mobile bag

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