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Men’s Mental Health Resources: A Complete Directory

As men, we aren’t always the best at getting things out. Whether it’s an issue with work, parenthood or simply feelings of anxiety, men have historically been reluctant to speak out, but the tide is turning. In Australia, there are more men’s mental health outreach and support programs and organisations than ever before, and rightfully so. The statistics are damning and the need to do more is ever-present, sometimes you just need a push in the right direction.

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Table of Contents

Men’s Health Resources Directory

“Good therapy is supportive and empathic, but it’s also time-limited and skills-focused. Think of it like a sport, the coach gives corrective feedback and drills that you practice each week – you don’t just sit around talking about the mistakes you made in the last game,” Dr James Collison, Clinical Psychologist and Senior Lecturer at the Australian College of Applied Psychology says.

Good therapy empowers the individual with knowledge and skills so they can take control of their life, but it’s not always what you think. Peer support systems can help alleviate stress helping you feel more connected, in control and focused on your goals. It could be as simple as chatting with a stranger, sharing a coffee with a mate or joining a new sporting team. Nowadays, men’s mental health organisations aren’t just padded chairs and deep questions, there’s an option to suit everyone, and that’s important.

Here, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of men’s health organisations, initiatives and programs that you can check out.

1.0 Urgent Care and Crisis

Crisis support programs are integral for those in a delicate situation. These health initiatives can help you to overcome immediate concerns, tackling the issue from a practical point of view, often through support, referrals & counselling services for men via telephone, online and video.

  • Beyond Blue
    • A national organisation that provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health
  • Black Dog Institute
    • The only medical research institute in Australia to investigate mental health across the lifespan.
  • Blokes Psychology
    • A counselling service dedicated to supporting males of all ages and their families throughout the various challenges of life.
  • Bolton Brothers
    • Mental health services that are designed not just for men, but with men, to ensure they are relevant, accessible, timely and effective.
  • EveryMan Australia
    • An organisation that provides support to men who are at risk of homelessness, living with mental health issues like depression or anxiety, living with disabilities, men who are perpetrators or survivors of violence, men who are ex-prisoners, socially isolated, or having relationship or parenting difficulties.
  • Headspace
    • The National Youth Mental Health Foundation providing early intervention mental health services to 12-25 year-olds. It provides advice on mental health, physical health (including sexual health) alcohol and other drug services, and work and study support.
  • Lifeline
    • A national charity providing all Australians experiencing emotional distress with access to 24-hour crisis support and suicide prevention services
  • Mantle
    • A discreet, telehealth service that provides access to clinical psychologists and professionals
  • Mates4Mates
    • An organisation for veterans and their families to find a way forward from service-related injuries. They understand the challenges they face and provide support proven to make a real difference.
  • Men’s Health Down Under
    • Service providing solutions for a range of Men’s Health issues; with a particular focus on non-surgical maximisation of erection function and more specifically how best to get back to life post-prostatectomy.
  • MensLine Australia
    • A telephone and online counselling service offering support for Australian men anywhere, anytime.
  • Menslink
    • Supports young men in the Canberra region through our free counselling, volunteer mentoring and education programs.
  • Mens Toolbox
    • An organisation providing support men going through relationship challenges and family separation
  • Mental Health Australia
    • The peak, national non-government organisation representing and promoting the interests of the Australian mental health sector
  • Soldiers & Sirens
    • Professional mental health services for servicemen and first-responders

2.0 Suicide Prevention and Care

When it comes to mental and physical health, having a set strategy or plan to cope with your current situation is critical. While not all organisations will be focused on backing you with support, all will provide a healthy framework suitable for dealing with stress, overcoming issues or simply working collaboratively with like-minded people. If you want your questions answered, these are the programs that will provide the information you need.

  • Australian Institute For Suicide Research And Prevention
    • The Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention is a national and international suicide prevention research centre that produces public health surveillance of suspected suicides. The organisation also has a specialised outpatient clinic for people with a history of suicidal ideation or behaviour, alongside education and training for health and allied health professionals.
  • Conversations by Movember
    • Created by Movember, this initiative helps teach you how to have better conversations to support the men in your life
  • Australian Defence Force Centre for Mental Health
    • The ADF Health and Well-being Portal is a resource for all current and ex-serving ADF Members and their families. Here the government body provides targeted resources for specific personnel and situations, including Commanders, Reservists, ADF Members preparing for deployment, veterans, and health professionals.
  • Everymind
    • A 25-year-strong institute focused on the prevention of mental ill-health and suicide.
  • The Fly Program
    • Encourages participation in the natural world as a reprieve from the day-to-day challenges too many men face in our community.
  • For Men
    • Workshops and insights for men between the ages of 16 and 35.
  • Grapevine Group
    • An online suicide prevention organisation that has a wealth of resources to help those struggling with poor mental health. There is also an additional app for easy access to valuable insights.
  • Head to Health
    • An organisation that provides access to more than 500 digital resources to support your wellbeing and mental health.
  • The Healthy Tradie Project
    • A unique organisation aimed at curbing the rising rate of mental health issues in the construction industry
  • Live 4 Life
    • A register charity that focuses on bringing rural and regional communities together in order to tackle youth mental health and well-being.
  • LivingWorks
    • An organisation that provides training in suicide prevention. It houses a a variety of workshops to suit all needs and is a world-leader in suicide first aid.
  • Marcus Mission
    • An initiative aimed at reducing the risk of suicide for men in Queensland.
  • Mates in Construction
    • An organisation that has provided industry-backed, research-based suicide prevention and support since 2008. It hones in on the disproportionately high rates of suicide in the construction and logistics industries.
  • Meditation for Men
    • A layered weekly course that teaches the concept of mindfulness in a comfortable environment.
  • Mengineering
    • A national NFP organisation providing communications and social skills training to adolescents.
  • Mental Health First Aid International
    • A great association that teaches suicide first aid. Through a series of training platforms and classes, the organisation helps people develop the skills to help someone who they’re concerned about.
  • Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia
    • Provides information or support about psychosis or other mental illness
  • MENtors for Men
    • A social inclusion program we achieve this by connecting with men in the community and establishing peer support, mentoring networks and services to improve men’s physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing.
  • Mind Australia
    • An organisation of community-managed specialist mental health service providers with a range of residential, mobile outreach, centre-based and online services
  • Open Minds
    • An organisation targeting enhanced mental health and wellbeing through a range of tailored options
  • Prick ‘n A Pint
    • A men’s health program that provides men with the knowledge and the occasional nudge to take the preventative health actions needed for living longer, healthier and happier lives
  • Prostate Awareness Australia
    • Promotes awareness and education of prostate cancer to men and their families within the building, construction, and allied industries.
  • Rural Alive and Well (RAW)
    • A not-for-profit organisation helping individuals, families and communities through mental health issues with a focus on suicide prevention.
  • Sons of the West
    • Facilitated by the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation in partnership with local councils and community health services across Victoria, Sons of the West is a free 10-week health program for men.
  • Top Blokes Foundation
    • Preventative, evidence-based group mentoring programs delivered by qualified and experienced youth workers.
  • Track Safe Foundation
    • An organisation dedicated to preventing suicides and reducing accidents and injuries on the rail network. It also provides tools to improve the well-being of rail employees.

3. Digital Services

Heading online is the easiest way to ask questions, but to make sure you are getting accurate answers, it’s worth checking in with a credible source. These digital services are great for answering the simple things and helping you make meaningful steps towards happiness.

  • Grow
    • Mental wellbeing and peer programs that provide support for those impacted by poor mental health.
  • Maxwell Plus
    • An online service using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and specialist clinicians to maximise your chance of early detection
  • Mindspot
    • Mindspot is a digital mental health clinic for all Australians. It offers free, anonymous assessment and treatment for adults experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, and chronic pain.
  • Mosh
    • A discreet men’s telehealth service that provides treatment for hair loss, sexual health and skin care.
  • Navigate
    • A website developed as part of a research study sponsored by Swinburne University and overseen by Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne. Men are able to self-refer to the study or can be referred from participating hospitals or directly by their clinicians from anywhere within Australia.
  • Pilot
    • Personalised Telehealth treatments from Australia’s leading specialists
  • Stagger
    • A new telehealth service that offers treatments shipped straight to your door
  • You Got This Mate
    • Provides tips and info to help rural men reach their best possible mental health.
  • YourHealth+
    • A network of psychologists, occupational therapists, rehab counsellors and physiotherapists providing information on health and wellness

4.0 Charities & Foundations

Whether you are in a crisis or just looking for valuable resources to help you make sense of the current situation, there are a number of great charities and initiatives there to support you. A number of these organisations are government-funded and led by experts in the mental health field.

  • The Banksia Project
    • An organisation that works together with mental health professionals, industry leaders and professional bodies across Australia to create best practices and practical solutions to drive community support, increase self-awareness, encourage positive lifestyle choices, and facilitate ongoing support groups.
    • A independent, NSW peak organisation aimed at helping provide a voice for people with lived/living experiences of mental health issues and emotional distress. According to the organisation, its primary focus is to ensure the voices of people with mental health issues are heard by decision-makers, service providers, and the community, to lead and influence systemic change in services and systems.
  • Butterfly Foundation
    • The Butterfly Foundation is the national charity for all Australians impacted by eating disorders and body image issues, and for the families, friends and communities who support them.
  • Centre for Men Australia
    • A not-for-profit charitable institution helping men and women in the prevention of harmful and abusive behaviour and mentoring.
  • EJ Whitten Foundation
    • An organisation aimed at increasing awareness of Prostate Cancer, promoting early detection, raise funds for research in to the Disease.
  • Foundation 49: Men’s Health
    • A not-for-profit Men’s Health Promotion initiative of the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute.
  • Healthy Heads Trucks & Sheds
    • Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds is a foundation that aims to promote prevention and understanding of mental health issues specifically in the road transport and logistics industries in Australia.
  • LGBTIQ+ Health Australia
    • An organisation that supports healthy lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans/transgender, intersex, queer and other sexuality, gender, and bodily diverse people and communities throughout Australia. The organisation focuses on freeing the world from stigma and discrimination.
  • Men’s Health & Wellbeing Western Australia
    • Peak independent not-for-profit charity organisation dedicated to representing and promoting the health and wellbeing of boys and men in Western Australia.
  • MHERV (Men’s Health Educational Rural Van)
    • A custom-built caravan with a dedicated Registered Nurse travels the state of New South Wales offering free health screenings to regional and rural men, who are notorious for being completely in the dark about the state of their health.
  • Mental Health Victoria
    • The peak body for mental health in Victoria, this organisation specialises in public policy, workforce development and training, and services that build individual, organisational and community capacity.
  • Movember
    • A leading men’s charity focusing on mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.
  • ReachOut
    • ReachOut is the most accessed online mental health service for young people and their parents in Australia. It provides trusted self-help information, peer-support program and referral tools across a number of issues, including school work, bullying, mental health and relationships.
  • R U OK?
    • A massive harm-prevention charity that encourages people to take stock of their own and their friends’ mental health. The organisation focuses on building the motivation, confidence and skills of the help-giver, and having a meaningful conversation with someone who is struggling with life.
  •  Sane Australia
    • A national mental health charity making a real difference in the lives of people affected by complex mental health issues through support, research and advocacy

5.0 Parenthood and Family Issues

Becoming a father can be daunting. As an entirely new experience for many men, the situation can lead to new stresses and a heap of pressure, but you aren’t alone. There are a number of great men’s services, organisations and resources designed to arm you with the tools to be a more in-tune, aware and capable father. Further, you can also find some support groups for other fathers in similar situations, where you can simply chat out your story in an informal and relaxed environment.

  • Dads in Distress
    • Free help for separated dads.
  • Dads On The Air
    • A long-running radio program for dads’ issues.
  • The Dad Website
    • A dedicated publication focused on strategies for dads and fathers in the modern world.
  • The DILF Club
    • A Facebook group that connects dads and provides an open and honest avenue for discussion
  • Family Man by Movember
    • Providing proven parenting strategies developed alongside leading global child behaviour experts and designed with dads in mind
  • The Father Hood
    • A website that represents, informs and educates dads everywhere, while also aiming to help employers better understand the rapidly changing needs and expectations of dads in their organisation.
  • The Fathering Project
    • An organisation that aims to improve child development outcomes by inspiring and equipping fathers and father figures to effectively engage with their kids.

6.0 Initiatives and Events

In Australia, there are a vast number of mental health initiatives and campaigns you can get behind in order to make a difference. These events and drives are often used to drive awareness and raise funds for valuable causes that are reflective of the current male experience.

  • batyr
    • A purpose-preventative mental health organisation designed for young people. The initiative aims to smash the stigma surrounding mental ill-health and empower young people to reach out for support
  • Baw Baw Big Blokes BBQ
    • A day organised by local Gippsland business to both raise awareness of prostate cancer, and raise money to donate straight towards the Prostate Cancer Foundation Australia and the local hospitals.
  • Brunch With The Man
    • A series of social events for men aimed at starting the conversation around mental health.
  • It’s A Blokes Lunch
    • An annual event that aims to raise awareness of men’s health issues and provides support towards health services, education, and programs for men with the local community.
    • The PA Research Foundation’s movement to encourage Australian men to take ownership of their health and rally together to support solution-focused prostate cancer research.
  • Stand Tall
    • A charity organisation that runs events, camps, presentations and workshops aimed at arming young people with the tools to keep their mental health in check.
  • Super Friend
    • A business that creates and implements mental health initiatives into the workplace.
  • White Owl
    • A community that hosts annual events focused on the AFL to raise funds towards assisting Australian Prostate Cancer Research (APC).

7.0 Support Programs

Non-crisis resources are great for preventative measures and for getting the conversation started. One of the biggest issues relating to men’s health is a feeling of lonliness. A number of men continue to suffer in silence out of fear of ridicule or personal image, and these non-crisis organisations are integral in breaking that stigma. Through these initiatives, you can engage with like-minded people over a common passion, helping to breaking the chain and form a nurturing and collaborative support network.

  • 2 Minutes Mates
    • A mental health awareness project.
  • 100 Words
    • An organisation focused on building engagement and communication between men who are similar in demographics to increase their available support
  • A Chance For Change (ACFC)
    • An organisation focused on suicide prevention and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health
  • Australian Men’s Shed Association (AMSA)
    • The peak body supporting almost 1000 Men’s Sheds and is recognised as one of Australia’s largest male based community development organisations.
  • Average Joes
    • Weekly meetups in the Sunshine Coast, Central Coast, Penrith and Pakistan promoting open and honest discussion around mental health.
  • Beyond The Barbell
    • A safe, welcoming and enjoyable space where men can come for a workout and benefit from a support network of like-minded men.
  • Grab Life By The Balls
    • Laid back event events for men to connect, hang out and be themselves.
  • Heymate
    • Workshops, facilitations & events that promote active dialogue around positive mental health.
  • Life Get Amongst It
    • Organisation focused on helping men overcome depression in retirement
  • Lost Motos
    • Monthly rides, quarterly campouts, and coming together for valuable workshops with evidence-based teaching from professional facilitators.
  • The Male Hug
    • A not for profit organisation that is committed to raising awareness and prevention education for men’s mental health for professional males.
  • The Man Walk
    • A chance for men to get together to walk, talk and support each other in a regular and healthy way.
  • Men of Hope (MoH)
    • A social network that provides men with opportunities to regularly connect with each other in an informal and safe setting, both in-person and online.
  • Men Care Too
    • News, Resources and information relevant for all men with a particular focus on blokes in unpaid, informal caring roles.
  • Mensshred
    • Promote positive mental health by bringing men together through surfing.
  • Mineset
    • A not-for-profit organisation in mining that connects, supports and encourages others to start a chat and talk about the unspoken challenges within the mining industry.
  • Mongrels Men
    • A community established to improve men’s physical & mental well-being & health through sport & fitness.
  • Mr Perfect
    • A grassroots charity that brings men together at BBQs in local parks across Australia, to create community and connection.
  • OMNI Older Men New Ideas
    • An organisation focused on enhancing the health, well-being and lifestyle of older men.
  • Speak Up Mate
    • A charity that supports and empowers men in Australia.
  • Support After Suicide
    • An organisation that offers support to those bereaved by suicide. It provides resources and services for individuals and professionals impacted by the loss of others.
  • Survivors & Mates Support Network
    • A leading organisation for male survivors of child sexual abuse and their supporters. It provides free resources such as Planned Support and Counselling, Eight-week Support Groups and Monthly Drop-in Meetings for men, Supporters & Survivors Workshops as well as workshops and training for service providers.
  • Talk Out Loud
    • A South Australian based not for profit that provides mental wellbeing programs with a twist. The organisation makes use of ongoing non-clinical peer mentoring approach in a safe and inclusive environment.
  • The Modern Bloke
    • Resources for those who want to improve their self-development and show up for themselves & those they care about.
  • The Purple Bucket Foundation Inc.
    • An organisation that offers support and concise information relating to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and other Persistent Pain conditions.
  • Tough Guy Book Club
    • A network of men’s book clubs in local pubs. Putting heavy-duty discussion back on the table at the pub.
  • Trademutt
    • Supporting tradies, truckies, blue-collar workers and their families through the charity initiative, This Is A Conversation Starter (TIACS).
  • YouTurn
    • A not-for-profit that originally focused a youth homelessness, YouTurn has now become a avid proponent for Child Safety, Homelessness and Mental Health across Southern Queensland.

8.0 Facebook Groups and Support Forums

Similar to the non-crisis organisations, men’s groups provide an avenue for men to get together and share common experiences and concerns. A great way to open the dialogue and get the conversation started, these groups provide a much-needed community for growth and support.

  • Australian Men’s Health Forum Incorporated
    • An inclusive forum that brings together an alliance of organisations, service providers, plus individual men and women, actively engaged and interested in addressing the physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual, educational, social, spiritual, sexual and relationship needs of men and boys in Australia
  • Bouncing Back Suicide Prevention Network
    • A Facebook support group that is part of the South Australian Suicide Prevention Network of Networks, for Port Pirie and surrounding areas.
  • Build A Brotherhood
    • Fortnightly free men’s support groups.
  • Circle of Men (QLD)
    • Weekly meetings to support and nurture men living in aged care.
  • Complete Men
    • A not-for-profit charity with a mission to help, support and inspire men of all ages to reach their full potential through workshops and meetings.
  • Conscious Men Brotherhood (CMB)
    • A Facebook group for men in the Sunshine Coast region.
  • Heart On My Sleeve
    • Heart On My Sleeve describes itself as an emotional wellness social movement and early intervention services provider for adults suffering from mental ill-health. The organisation and forum aim to help people heal by providing them with a judgement-free space to get their concerns off their chest,
  • Melbourne Men’s Group Inc.
    • A non-for-profit, volunteer organisation and registered charity that promotes authentic communication and connection. Through free, open, weekly men’s group meetings, an active men’s network, personal mentoring and transformational learning programs, the organisation is helping bridge gaps no matter the concern or ethos.
  • Men That Talk Sport
    • A Facebook group for men to connect over sport and leisure.
  • Mentoring Men
    • A registered charity that offers free long-term one-to-one life mentoring programs for men Australia wide.
  • My Men’s Team
    • A community that encourages men to build a supportive peer network.
  • Survivors and Mates Support Network (SAMSN)
    • An organisation for male survivors of child sexual abuse and their supporters.
  • The Australian Man Cave Support Group (TAMC)
    • A safe place for men where confidentiality is paramount and judgements are reserved.
  • The Mens Table
    • A community of men from all Men’s Tables who can share, learn, connect and collaborate based on mutual needs, interests, geographies, careers, and life circumstances through

9.0 Apps and Games

For a lot of men, the concerns raised around mental health and other issues can be difficult to talk about, or in many instances, it’s simply something you don’t have time for. The great news is that there are a number of key apps and online options for those who want to address concerns and stay on top of their mental health while on the go. Here are some great apps for mindfulness and expression.

  • 7 Cups
    • This unique app allows you to connect 1-on-1 with a real person on-demand in order to chat through your feelings of anxiety, stress or depression.
  • 10% Happier: Meditation
    • Ideal for those just starting out on their meditation journey, this app can help you feel more in tune with the world around you. Led by teachers with years of experience, the app has a variety of course catalogues for you to work through.
  • Calm
    • Perhaps the most well-known of all the mindfulness apps, Calm is an easy-to-use platform that provides members with simple and straightforward options to help them weed out concerns. While the paid option is valuable, you can get just as much out of the free version.
  • Daylio Journal
    • Daylio helps you to keep track of your mental health through self-care journaling.
  • Greg
    • An app designed to get you out and active with your mates.
  • Happify
    • A series of games and strategies developed by leading scientists and experts with experience in evidence-based interventions in the fields of positive psychology, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioural therapy.
  • Headspace
    • Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the website and television show, you can take Headspace on the go with you. Featuring a series of simple meditation options, the app is great at weeding out bad thoughts.
  • I Am Sober
    • Alongside tracking your sober days, this app helps you build new habits by connecting you to a wide network of people in a similar circumstance
  • MindDoc: Your Companion
    • Developed by clinical psychologists and leading researchers, MindDoc offers insights for those suffering from mild-to-moderate mental illness including depression, anxiety, insomnia, and eating disorders.
  • MoodKit
    • Moodkit is a mood-boosting app that has been developed by two clinical psychologists. Through its platform, it offers more than 200 activities tailored to your goals.
  • MoodMission
    • With this mental health app, you simply explainhow you’re feeling and it will give you a tailored list of 5 Missions that can help you feel better and improve your wellbeing.
  • MY3
    • Created by the Mental Health Assocaition of New York, MY3 is an app that encourages you to connect with your support system. The ‘3’ refers to your contacts, with the program offering tools to build your safety plan toolbox and get support at any time
  • notOK
    • notOK describes itself as a “free digital panic button” that allows you to receive immediate support via text, phone call, or GPS location when you’re struggling to reach out.
  • Pause
    • Based on the principles of Tai Chi and mindfulness practice, PAUSE encourages you to stop and take in the sights around you. It is ideal for those who struggle to slow down.
  • Stop, Breathe & Think
    • It sounds simple enough, but this mediation app proves the power of mastering the basics. Focusing on preventing bad habits and getting you back in tune with your body, Stop, Breathe & Think is a great place to kick things off.
  • The Check In
    • Created by BeyondBlue, this app is designed for anyone who wants to check in with a friend but is concerned about saying the wrong thing or making the situation worse. This app takes you through a series of steps to get the conversation started.
  • TUFMINDS Life Rescue
    • A mental resilience and suicide prevention program provided by the Exqisit Life Foundation, TUFMINDS Life Rescue is a not- for- profit, registered charity. Founded in 2018 by Drs John and Elizabeth McIntosh, the free TUFMINDS smartphone App is being used in 51 countries around the world.

10.0 Podcasts

Sometimes, the easiest solution is to hear it out loud. With massive platforms like Spotify and Apple P{dcasts offering a range of great evidence and experience-based stories to help you on your way, this is one simple solution to kickstart your personal growth.

  • Better Than Yesterday
    • An original podcast hosted by Australian television personality Osher Günsberg. The weekly conversation helps to break down the stigma of mental health and challenge the ideas of what is ‘normal’.
  • Black Dog Institute’s Podcast Series
    • The Black Dog Institute’s podcast section is extremely helpful, whatever stage of the mental health cycle you are in. it provides expert insights for medical professionals, inspirational stories and tools for overcoming adversity.
  • Bloke to Bloke
    • Where opposites support. Two different guys with one common interest sit down to shine a light on the important things, man to man.
  • Bounce Back
    • Hosted by Dr Andrew Rochford, Bounce Back is a new podcast from DrinkWise that explores how to overcome adversity and get back on your feet.
  • Bryony Gordon’s Mad World
    • Borught to you via The Telegraph, Bryony Gordon’s Mad World is a great interview-based podcast that explores mental health through the lens of some of Australia’s biggest names.
  • Mr. Feels: A Mental Health Podcast
    • Hosted by Tyler May and Laura Benson, Mr Feels tackles the barriers and stigmas surrounding mental health. The co-hosts dive deep into their own personal stories in an open and honest discussion.
  • Ten Percent Happier
    • Journalist Dan Harris follows on form his best-selling book with a podcast where he talks with eminent meditation teachers, top scientists and celebrities about the small steps that improve their lives.
  • Terrible, Thanks for Asking
    • Host Nora McInerny takes an honest look at the real world by asking people to share their complicated and honest feelings about how they really are. It’s eye-opening.
  • The Anxiety Shut-In Hour
    • The Anxiety Shut-In Hour explores mental health in society, culture, media and the pantry. While it’s no longer in production, the past episodes are still worth listening to.
  • The Bipolar Diaries
    • Host Anastasia McLean takes listeners through the very real struggles of living with bipolar in a modern world.
  • The Hilarious World of Depression
    • It might not sound funny, but American writer and radio personality John Moe’s take on depression is uplifting, honest and entirely heart-warming.
  • The Nod
    • Focusing on the stories of Black life that aren’t always expressed, The Nod is an interesting take on social events that offers support for those looking back.
  • The Imperfects
    • Host Hugh van Cuylenburg, founder of The Resilience Project chats to a series of well-known guests who make themselves vulnerable, by sharing their own struggles and imperfections.

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General FAQs

What are the 3 most common mental illnesses in Australia?

In Australia, the most common mental illnesses are depressive, anxiety and substance use disorder. These three types of mental illnesses often occur in combination.

What is the current state of mental health in Australia?

A 2018 National Health Survey estimated that: 1 in 5 (20%, or 4.8 million) Australians reported that they had a mental or behavioural condition during the collection period (July 2017 to June 2018). According to recent research, men are twice as likely to suffer from depression or suicidal episodes.

About the author

About the author

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