Lindlund is the Last Desk Ruler You Will Ever Need

Lindlund is the ultimate ruler for creative people, built to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. As designers, all our ideas start on paper, doesn’t matter whether it’s for a printed magazine or a smartphone app, it all begins with a sketch on paper. Paper allows for more freedom, quick edits and is the optimal tool for sketching out the flow of ideas. When it’s time for precise designs and measurements, a ruler is essential. The benefit of Lindlund is that it features picas and pixel measurements along with the traditional centimetres and inches.

lindlund ruler black white color

By using the pica edge of the ruler, you can instinctively translate the measurements you see on screen into a physical size. The pixel edge has a simulated 150ppi (pixels per inch) divided up into batches of 10 pixels. It also has measurements indicating the size of an iPhone and iPad screen. This allows you to draw the size of an iPhone and immediately see, to scale, how big your design is.

The ruler also hides a rubber coating on the back that prevents you from slipping. It’s made from airplane-grade aluminium and cut with maximum precision that won’t be easily destroyed from bends or cuts. Lindlund comes with your choice of colour in Midnight Black and Luxe Silver. A bonus is the ability to easily draw 90-degree angles by drawing one line and then simply aligning the ruler’s measurements with the previous line; you are guaranteed a perfect angle every time. Lindlund is campaigning via Kickstarter right now. You can get your hands on the Swedish-made measuring tool for around $33 AU.

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lindlund is the last desk ruler black mobile

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