Live Amongst the Land in the Bach Family House

When you see this property, think; “adult luxury camping.” This rural retreat cozied up in Hanmer Springs, New Zealand is a beautiful piece of architecture blended into awe-inspiring scenery. The way the architects were able to mesh acerbic lines, geometric structures, and the naturally impressive environment, speaks volumes about the vibe of the Bach Family House. Art is most effective when it tells a story and architecture is most promising when it functions well, but in a way that is unexpected. The Bach Family house checks both of these boxes, and much more.

evening view bach family house

When you first look at the property, you will see that multiple cabins, made from raw timber are scattered around a central living area that contains all of the practicalities of a resort escape. From a glorious kitchen, to a sumptuous bedroom, this site has a lot more to offer than one would think without stepping foot on the site. Next door to the centralized area is a tower-like structure that holds firewood in the base and hosts and extra bunk-room up above, expanding the applications and space of the property. Each one of the surrounding structures has a direct path to the central patio, that boasts a picnic table style dining area, a rustic fire pit, and an inspiring view out onto the Hanmer Plains.

table view outside bach house

While all aspects of this retreat are impressive, the balance between art and utility is what makes it most special. By building in accordance with the land, instead of against the grain, the Bach Family House stands out amongst a swarm of impressive properties designed by Cymon Allfrey. The design team for this project clearly did their homework because all of the building materials look as if they came from the environment in which they were placed. The result; the Bach Family House looks more like a growth from the land than a construction dropped into a foreign habitat.

Check it out

outside view bach house

staircase view at the back family house

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