Live Off the Grid With a Tigermoth Camper Trailer

The Tigermoth is all about exploring the outdoors and living off the grid. It’s an incredibly versatile camper that’s light enough to tow with almost any 4WD and rugged enough that it can go virtually anywhere a vehicle can. With built-in electrical, 12V outlets, water and optional solar panels, you can go over seven days without the need to recharge and refill. Plus the tow connection charges the battery while hauling. Most importantly, the Tigermoth is fitted with USB ports.

taxa outdoors tiger moth

A large side hatch allows easy access for loading/unloading or just taking in the views and breeze from all angles. Outside, roof racks, a mounted toolbox, and front and roof cargo decks provide practical storage options for each piece of gear. Inside, a pull-out kitchen with built in cutting board, bench top and storage spaces for cookware will have you forgetting you’re on the road and not back at home.

tigermoth camper trailer cooking area

The storage options inside the camper were inspired by NASA – compact and secure. The attach points and hooks can be fitted with net and bungee cord for wall and ceiling mounted cargo. There are even more storage spaces under the bed which can be accessed while maintaining its use. Tigermoth is finer living than what you would typically expect from a camping trailer. Sadly there are no dealerships located in Australia, so you may want to get in contact with a US dealer and see if they are happy to ship one over.

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