Live The Life of Brine With Gordy’s Pickle Jar

Gordy’s Pickle Jar is Washington DC’s answer to every culinary-inclined hipster’s dream of tangy preserves and piquant seasonings. Dedicated to making the best pickles, preserves, spreads and relishes, the team at Gordy’s have made a name for themselves as serious players with vinegar and a bit of sugar. The guys have gone above and beyond this time to create Gordy’s Fine Brine – a pickle brine specifically for cocktails. How many times have you gone to add a cheeky splash of salinity into your potion (or salt in your shaker), only to have a cornichon fall into your tin, or lose half a jar of Sicilian olives in your ice bucket? Well now you need not worry, Gordy’s comes in a 12oz can to keep it fresh and it’s ready to go when you are. Sold in 4-packs, this is definitely a must have for the mixologist in the house who wants to show off with the tastiest Bloody Marys, Caesars, Dirty Martinis and Picklebacks.

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