Liverpool Players Win Gold…iPhones

When Liverpool defeated Tottenham Hotspur for the Champions league—the first time the team has won the championship since 2005—they expected to lift the cup, which they did in grand fashion. What they didn’t expect was to receive a 24k gold plated iPhoneX customized for each player. Each of the 27 players received the gold phone with their name and number etched into it to commemorate the team’s jersey. The case also has the Champions League and Madrid Final logos etched in as a reminder of the incredible victory. In total, 28 phones were created, with the final phone going to manager Jurgen Klopp also received one.

Liverpool pulled out the win over Tottenham 2-0 in the all-English final held at the Wanda Meteropolitano stadium in Madrid, Spain. The championship marks the sixth time the team has claimed the title. The victory came courtesy of Mohamed Salah’s early penalty and Dviock Origi’s late strike. Prior to the championship game, the team had to stage an incredible comeback, beating out Barcelona in the second leg of the tournament before heading to Madrid to take on Tottenham.

Liverpool FC

The phones were designed by iDesign Gold. This isn’t the first time that the Irish company has sent out gold iPhones to celebrities. Earlier this year, Steven Gerrard posted an image of him with his own customized phone. James Carragher also received one as did Tyson Fury, Conor McGregor, and Lionel Messi.

It’s not just Liverpool players and other athlete celebrities that can have a gold iPhone in their pocket. According to Liverpool Echo, the phones are available for purchase through the Harvey Nichols department store. Should you happen to have an extra £3,500 lying around, you can get one yourself.

iDesign Gold is an Irish-owned company that believes in tailoring mobile devices to fit their owners. They offer iPhone cases in gold, rose, and platinum—all of which can be customized.

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