Local Supply Partnered with Outrageously Talented Aussies for its New Campaign

Local Supply’s Summer 17 campaign takes a selection of up and comers to help spread the message that its sunglasses are “For Locals Everywhere.” The campaign launches two new shades, ‘The Avenue’ and ‘The Station’, and brings together four incredible talents who embody the Local Supply ethos of inclusivity, diversity and creative expression.

The talented individuals chosen to wear the frames are Mitch Orr, the mastermind behind Sydney restaurant Acme, Melbourne musician and producer Ecca Vandal, Olympic athlete Olia Burtaev from Brisbane and 19-year-old hip hop prodigy Genesis Owusu from Canberra.

girl wearing local supply sunglasses

Local Supply Founder Sean Santha asserted that the products were absolutely for locals everywhere. “Regardless of gender, sexuality, race or socioeconomic status, we are all locals. We’re all different but we’re all the same,” he said.

The For Locals Everywhere campaign offers an astonishing mix of passion points and places, shot by photographer Darren Luk across four Sydney locations; Acme Restaurant, Tatler Bar, The Old Clare Hotel and The Record Store.

As Creative Director, Luk was excited to work with a client who was ready to break the mould. “It was great to be given the liberty to be creative with the visual concepts and casting,” he said. “The goal for the campaign was to focus on talented individuals who are making real social or cultural contributions, rather than someone with just a social following.”

olia burtaev brisbane queensland  world famous swimmer

The new summer shape of The Avenue, worn by Orr, has a bolder and more defined frame with a square silhouette, while The Station, worn by Owusu, has a minimalist circular profile. Both styles launch this week in matte and polished versions of tortoiseshell and black.

For Locals Everywhere is a series of stories to connect with, be inspired by and a platform to start conversations around the notion of locals, inclusivity and creativity.

In other glasses news, Rapha launched the City collection, a new range of shades that are both stylish and functional. Also, Commonwealth x Native Sons “John Q” sunglasses really pull an outfit together.

Check it out

genesis owusu hip hop singer wearing local supply sunglasses

mitch orr  sydney chef wearing local supply sunglasses

women wearing local supply sunglasses in party mood

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