The Loft Record Console Offers the Best of Vinyl and Digital

Vinyl has made a huge comeback over the last several years. Although many manufacturers have released updated turntables in response to the renewed interest in vinyl, this means that consumers must have two separate devices to play their favourite music—a turntable and a digital music player. The Loft Record Console by Wrensilva is a modern record console that allows you to play your vinyl records and stream digital music too.

loft record console perfect for smaller spaces

This streamlined, affordable audio system packs plenty of capability and power into a handsome piece of furniture. The Loft Record Console is a cheaper and smaller console than some of Wrensilva’s other consoles, which makes it perfect for smaller spaces.

loft record console on a light steel frame

Handcrafted in San Diego by husband and wife team Scott and Debra Slayer from Wrensilva, the Loft Record Console is lightweight and streamlined. It sits on top of a light steel frame. North American walnut hardwood was used to fashion the case.

There is a 300-watt per channel Wrensilva amplifier, RCA auxiliary cable input and a standard 3.55 mm jack. SONOS capability makes it easy to switch between vinyl and streaming music. Vinyl lovers will appreciate the OA2 Precision Gimbal Tonearm and the beautiful belt-driven turntable that is paired with a 24-volt AC synchronous motor.

loft record console have a steel shelf

Another plus is that this console is extremely versatile. It can connect to almost any system and accommodates up to 120 pieces of vinyl. There is a steel shelf with dividers for vinyl storage along with a handy capture tray for accessories.

Wrensilva did an excellent job of combining the old with the new for the Loft Record Console.

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