Looking Sharp – The Hudson Bay Axe Collection

The frontiersman occupies a key place in American historical folklore as a figure who both respects and conquers the wild, and embodies the values of the New World colonies. With their Hudson Bay Axe collection, the The Sanborn Canoe Company are looking to channel the spirit of those early pioneers. It’s a range that’s as American as an eagle eating apple pie at a baseball game.

best made company the camp axe models

The collection boasts both the ‘Brave Feather’ and ‘Old Growth’ camp axe models, as well as knife and axe sharpening stones. The axes themselves are made from 5160 grade alloy steel and American Hickory, with respective hand-drawn feather and tree designs that have been wood-burned into the handle.

looking sharp the hudson bay axe collection

It’s a slice of old fashioned Americana that you can hold in your hands, with craftsmanship so good that even Patrick Bateman would consider it when preparing for his next Huey Lewis-scored murderous rampage.

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