Lush Men’s Grooming

We work hard and we play hard. But in the end of the long day, Lush has some great grooming products for men to get the dirt off and leave us smooth and smelling good again. Products include the Dirty shaving cream, shower gel, soap and innovative Toothy Tab for the man on the go. The Ocean Salt Scrub removes excess oils and leaves your skin soft and moisturised and the Cosmetic Lad Moisturiser is the perfect after-sun, shaving balm and hair cream in one. To finish the grooming session the Smugglers soul perfume will soothe and uplift the darkest of moods. If you have a moustache or like to add some jelly to your hair, the Veerappan Moustache wax and Zest Orange hair jelly is the perfect pair to compliment your face.

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