Maharishi and G-SHOCK Collaborate Again

For the fourth time, über-chic UK-based pacifist urban-military outfitters Maharishi have teamed up with the inspired team in the G-Shock division of Casio to co-pilot the production of a new watch, and it’s pretty damn sexy (if camo and warpaint is your thing).

maharishi and g shock watch attached to case

The watch features a khaki-esque finish which they’ve dubbed ‘British Bonsai Forest’ that is designed to reflect the beauty of green natural surrounds as opposed to look like it belongs in a remake of Platoon, and it sports all the bells and whistles for which G-Shock timepieces have become so famous, including a barometer, thermometer and digital compass. This model (knows as the ‘Mudmaster’) is also designed to work in extreme temperatures and conditions and is solar-powered, so you’ll never be caught without the time. It’s £750 and is available for pre-order now.

Check it out

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maharishi and g shock watch water resistance