Make Your Next Picnic a Walk in The Park

Picnics – on one hand they’re the an excellent way to enjoy pinot and cheese in the park whilst soaking up some vitamin D, and on the other, they can be a logistic pain in the arse. Whilst everybody wants to quaff a cheeky bevvo on the grass or at the beach whilst cranking their UE Boom surrounded by mates, the only way to enjoy those benefits is usually to cart a whole bunch of cool stuff around for a while first and then, once the sun goes down, cart it all back (often wobbly).

ultimate picnic bag

Aussie legend Ben Juzwin and his team at Excursion Co. have just taken the headache part out of your next outing with their new Ultimate Picnic Bag, set to go live on Kickstarter any minute now. The bag is made from super-practical oiled canvas, features insulation to keep your frothies frosty, and apart from the fact it boasts a raft of relevant features, also looks pretty damn sexy.

ultimate picnic bag open

Early birds get one for $239 AUD which features literally everything you need to make your next picnic practical perfection, so click the link below and commit, before they’re all gone.

Check it out

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ultimate picnic brun and blue color bag