Make, Play, and Discover with Nintendo Labo

Nintendo starting to become aware that parents and kids alike are growing tired of the modern video game landscape. To adapt, Nintendo has developed a system to disrupt that trend. This system is called the Nintendo Labo and combines the magic of modern gaming systems with the fun of do-it-yourself innovations and creations.

Starting with just a piece of cardboard, transform your controller into a 13-key piano, a motorbike, or even a fishing pole. Then add you’re the power of your Nintendo Switch and host a concert, beat your fastest race time, or catch the biggest bass in the lake.

Nintendo is aiming (and has done a good job) to make building just as much fun as playing. Through the new Labo system, gamers can discover a new way to engage both their hands AND their minds in a manner never-before available on console gaming.

Designed to let users be creative, the Labo leaves plenty of opportunity to get crafty. By adorning your Labo creations with color, paint, stickers, and more, this new system can be as transformative as you want it to be.

In a world of never ending gaming options, the Nintendo Labo provides an experience unlike anything else on the market. Just as the Wii’s motion control was innovative, I think we’ll start to see more companies adapting their consoles and games to avenues similar to this, going forward.

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