MAKR Makes Sleeves for MacBooks

Much like the MAKR Leather Sunglasses Sleeve written previously, the MAKR Leather MacBook Sleeve is exactly what it sounds like. Designed to cover a 12 inch Apple MacBook, the MacBook Sleeve is a horween chromexcel leather case that lets you slide and keep your MacBook in a sleeve. Hand sewn with painted edges, the MacBook Sleeve is a sleek and trendy way to carry around your MacBook. No zipper necessary; the unpolished rougher leather inside keeps your MacBook fixed in the sleeve, so you don’t have to worry about it slipping out when you carry it around. Coming in vegetable tanned black and saddle, and bark colour, the MAKR Leather MacBook Sleeve makes your work and study gear just that little bit more stylish.

Check it out

MAKR Leather Macbook Sleeve 1

MAKR Leather Macbook Sleeve 3