Be a Man of Acton – The Marshall Acton Oxblood Speaker

I get it, you’re sick of reading about bluetooth speakers. Every week there are a dozen more and they somehow keep improving faster than we can keep up with them and it’s frustrating. I’m with you, but hold tight. While Marshall have limited the numbers of this here Acton Oxblood speaker to 300 units, it’s a nice refreshment to see a bluetooth sound system that instead of claiming to be the hottest new piece of technological ass on the block, is giving a middle finger to gadgetry and donning some sexy oxblood leather for a cool lick of old-school style, while still boasting the guts of a Marshall (think any rock n’ roll song ever). At $249 USD, I’m amazed there are still any of these left, click the button below and get one of these for the pool room or garage before you miss out.

marshall acton oxblood speaker front side