Man-Cave in Style With the Armadillo Tea Canopy

Israeli-born doyen of design Ron Arad has created a name for himself by making big statements in architecture and promoting left-of-centre ideas since the 1980s. Famed for big, scary designs using concrete and steel, this Armadillo tea canopy may be one of Arad’s lighter-hearted pieces, combining gentle, soft lines and simple design philosophy to produce a solid structure suitable for indoor or outdoor use. While there’s to be no denying its sheer elegance as a cozy nest on the greens for an afternoon cuppa, one could easily imagine this being better suited as a man-cave within a man cave (assuming you have the space).

ron arad armadillo tea canopy architecture

Made from a variety of materials (depending on its final use being indoors or outdoors), the canopy has five shells and gets its name for obvious reasons, but the configuration and layout of the shells is interchangeable and more can be added if necessary, making it a super versatile and still crazy-stylish piece of modern architecture and design.

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ron arad armadillo tea canopy on forest