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Introducing the Man of Many Shop – Gear Lives Here

At long last! The Man of Many Shop is now open for business. And we’re here to shake up online retailing and offer our readers curated collections of the latest and greatest gear for men. It’s a project that’s been in the works for some time, but we’re happy to announce that you can conveniently shop all the gear you love in one place, shipped globally. You’ll find everything from Oliver Cabell shoes to Pacifico Optical sunglasses, grooming, clothing, Troubadour leather goods, tech, and more.

With new exciting brands dropping on the store monthly, combining with the 20+ niche global brands you can already find on the shop, it suffices to say that the eCommerce landscape is in for a shakeup with the launch of the Man of Many Shop. “We’ve always been a publication that hinges on innovation and having a market-leading global solution like this takes our digital presence to the next level,” said co-founder Frank Arthur.

While eCommerce and online retailing isn’t a new thing, our store will link readers directly with the products they want in an integrated manner. The ability to read about a product and then seamlessly pass through the buying process is hugely convenient. So be on the lookout for exclusive drops in the future, as well as product collaborations, and even a Man of Many label.

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Since 2012, we’ve been crafting compelling daily content, not only to enrich readers lives but to offer the latest and greatest releases of products and gear. Now, we’ve taken that one step further, launching the Man of Many Shop, where you’ll find everything you love in one curated online boutique.

With a growing selection of 20+ niche brands to choose from, it’s never been easier to find the latest in men’s product, culture, style and gear. The Man of Many Shop is a curation of the brand’s you love and the gear you want. It’s all just one click away.


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