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A great men’s suit is not just a matter of material or brand–it’s a statement of style and identity, unafraid to be a little different. It tells the ladies that you’re a person of good taste, and warns the men that you’re not someone easily suckered. Of course in reality you might be a complete nitwit, but a great suit doesn’t let anyone in on your little secret. A terrible or even average suit won’t help you, but a great suit will send out signals that you’re a class act until you open your mouth and prove otherwise.

London based clothing company –or institution rather– Marks & Spencer (M&S) knows how to make a great suit. For over one hundred years they’ve been helping each customer stand out from the pack through the power of style and design. Indeed, during a recent trip to London it seemed like every time we were impressed by what someone was wearing it turned out to be M&S. It’s no surprise given they operate over 480 stores, always keep up with trends when not outright setting them, and have outfits for every type of person or occasion. Whether you’re a towering seven-foot behemoth on his way to a horse race or a man of short stature on his way to an important meeting, M&S has satisfied your dress needs decade after decade.

In spite of their rock-solid foundation, the company still makes moves like a hungry innovator. They recently launched a website here in Australia and just released a new collection of suits that step blissfully outside of the norm, flaunting unbeatable value (and free shipping to Australia for orders over $50) while still retaining the benchmarks of refinement you’ve come to expect from the brand. It’s a collection that asks you to veer from the all-too-common black suit and wear something that’s a little more adventurous or distinct, telling the world you have something to offer.

Here’s a quick breakdown of some personal favourites from the new M&S collection

navy slim fit suit

Navy Slim Fit Suit

The Navy Slim Fit is the quintessence of effortless style and a great suit for casual daytime activity with important, good-looking people. This long-sleeve, textured cotton blazer is made with the finest Italian fabric and accompanied by Chinos pants with an adjustable waistline.

We suggest the Navy Slim Fit Suit for young, ambitious types who spend much of their day networking outside the office with other people of the same caliber. Yacht parties, fancy brunches, or even daytime sporting events (polo, anyone?) are the perfect settings to show off your trim physique and innate fashion sensibility. You can pair the Navy Slim Fit with tennis shoes and no tie and still exude absolute confidence.


rose super slim fit suit

Rose Super Slim Fit Suit

Flaunting a signature profile of inviting rose colour, the Rose Super Slim Fit is one of those adaptive suits that can be worn as easily in a modern day office setting (presuming the boss isn’t over sixty and still living in the past) as it could at a cocktail reception. If it portrays a singular message it’s that of a person who might currently work for someone else but ultimately has dreams of his own. The distinct and warm rose colour emanates a bold savviness and understated vision that will subtly differentiate the wearer from the herd. It’s the perfect suit for a young modern man who wants to attract attention without making a big scene.


blue super slim fit

Blue Super Slim Fit

If the colour of rose is a bit too much for your taste, you might be better off going with the M&S Blue Super Slim Fit. This stunning suit has many of the same features as the Rose Super Slim with subtle differences like two vents instead of one and 2% elastane to give it a little more room to stretch.

The Blue Super Slim Fit is again for the young professional, but this one radiates style without any noticeable bells or whistles attached. It goes well with a tie and is perfect for someone with his sights set on climbing the corporate ladder in style. It’s essentially a suit that signifies ambition and success in the old-fashioned way–through a graceful exterior that infuses old-school class with modern flair.


green modern slim fit suit

Green Modern Slim Fit Suit

With a jacket that’s 60% polyester, 40% wool on the outside (100% polyester on the inside), the Green Modern Slim Fit Suit is ideal for outdoor events like a horse races or courtyard dinner parties. It comes with Slim Fit Wool Trousers and possesses an aura of approachability. Like the Navy Slim Fit, this is the perfect suit for someone who does most of his networking outside the office. Others will be drawn to the magnetic allure of the wool, subconsciously extending that warm glow onto the wearer himself. Paired with a great smile and some charm, the Green Modern Slim Fit invites trust and companionship so the wearer should be prepared to make friends and engage the opposite sex.


blue modern slim fit suit including waistcoat

Blue Modern Slim Fit Suit Including Waist Coat

Now we’re getting to a real heavy hitter. The Blue Modern Slim Fit with Waist Coat is elegance personified through a fabric profile running on all cylinders and an all around simply handsome appeal. Thanks to the perfect combination of wool, polyester and elastane the Blue Modern Slim Fit is bold, agile and serious. This is the kind of suit for a man who’s used to closing deals and being in the room for all the important decisions. To wear the Blue Modern Slim Fit without holding a certain reputation might come off overly ambitious because it’s a suit for someone who gets things done time and again.


grey super slim fit suit

Grey Super Slim Fit Suit

The Grey Super Slim Fit features a single breast and one button and is the ideal suit for an evening get together where impressions matter. The uniformly grey composite looks stunning under the lights of say a fancy restaurant or nightclub. In other words, the Grey Super Slim Fit is a suit for a guy who likes to go out and who get things accomplished when all the other men are calling it a day and trudging home to the wife and kids. Think of it as pheromones in clothing form, and the perfect match for an energetic night owl.


M&S built their reputation on creating suits for every person and occasion and with their latest collection there’s no doubt that the legacy is still going strong. Australians are encouraged to check out the website ASAP, and most definitely take advantage of that free shipping for orders over $50 while it lasts.


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navy blue slim fit suit

gray slim fit suit

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