Master Distillers Collection – Blenders Edition 2015

The Master Distillers’ Collective is passionate about exploring new ways to craft great tasting, premium rum. Let’s be clear – it shows up very well in the final product. Each year, The Collective develops a new limited edition blend by experimenting with some of the distillery’s richest and rarest rum reserves. It’s a welcome addition to any rum drinkers catolog and one that should be sampled at the very least.

Each one of these limited edition blends is developed with a clear vision – some aim for distinctive flavours while others emphasise complexity. The Blenders Edition 2015 is a complex and sweet rum, finished in port and sherry barrels, resulting in the delivery of a long and exceptionally smooth finish. The blend is finished off by being layered with subtle hints of raisins, vanilla and spice. Best enjoyed neat or on the rocks, it is a rum drinker’s rum to be sure.

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