The Mechanical Pen is the Best You Will Ever Own, the Last You Will Ever Need

A pen can be the cheapest and most disposable stationery item on your desk, or if you have great taste which I assume you do, then a pen can be one of your most exquisite possessions and an extension of your personality. Inventery, the connoisseur of refined business accessories designed for men who take pride in their work, has launched the Mechanical Pen which is a pen precision-machined from a single brass rod to achieve a robust uni-body construction.

mechanical pen black

NOTE: If you’re the type of writer who gets off on the clicking sounds of a pen, then this one’s not for you. The Mechanical Pen is designed so that the brass clicking mechanism is completely silent. An individual serial number complements each pen and they are backed by a lifetime warranty because some things should last a lifetime.

mechanical pen different color metal body

Brass isn’t for everyone, so Inventery added options for pens to feature outer chrome plating and a sleek black oxide treatment. Refills are readily available from the Inventery website, and anywhere Schmidt pens are sold. The high level of craftsmanship combined with the bold and unique design, ensure that the Mechanical Pen is not only the best pen you will ever own but also the last you will ever need.

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