The Meeting of Fashion and Utility: The Minimalist Billfold in Evergreen

Taylor Stitch, a classic men and women’s apparel store has designed a leather wallet essential for any minimalist or lover of exquisite craftsmanship.

minimalist billfold leather pockets small wallet

Designed excellently in supple leather, the minimalist billfold is ample enough to carry everything you need, but isn’t bogged down by frivolous bulk, allowing you to keep your pockets small and your wallet handy.

Crafted with 100% full-grain Spanish cowhide and molded into a slim profile design, the evergreen billfold has hidden card slots, hard painted edges, and six standard card rests. In total, the wallet is 4 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall, smaller than your cellphone, and able to fit easily in a front or rear pocket.

evergreen billfold hidden card slots

This wallet is part of very small manufacturing batch run that uses exclusive fabrics instead of typical stock. The billfold is limited in quantity and is not intended to ever be in store again. Act now and reserve your chance to add this fine piece of leatherwork to your pocket.

taylor stitch wallet 4 and 3.5 wide inches tall

taylor stitch front or rear pocket wallet

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