Men’s Lifestyle Blog Writes Article About Betoota Advocate’s New Book in Blatant Attempt to Grab Web Traffic

Cloudstreet. The Magic Pudding. Seven Little Australians. Picnic at Hanging Rock. For The Term of His Natural Life. Oscar and Lucinda. Storm Boy. All of these titles are synonymous with a bordering-on-jingoistic sense of national pride and celebration for our locally-grown talent. It’s enough to make you want to shotgun a Bundy RTD and take the ute out for some circlework in your favourite RMs. Now, there’s a new title to add to that list: Betoota’s Australia.

From the same editorial team that make us smile with their regular dose of biting satire at The Betoota Advocate, ostensibly Australia’s oldest and favourite newspaper, comes this hard-copy book. It’s possibly the most exciting news for Australian bookstores since that Phryne Fisher mystery shit got picked up by the pinko-leftie programming department at the ABC and made it all the way to Netflix. Penned by the dynamic duo of Clancy Overell and Errol Parker (noms de plume, but who really cares), Betoota’s Australia began as a guide book for the sheltered residents of Betoota, QLD (pop. 0, 2014 census) who lusted to venture beyond the greater Diamantina region, but eventually grew into the beast that it is, covering everything an outsider could hope to know about our wide brown land.

Not since Russell Coight have we had such a sure-footed and accurate guide to the intricacies that make the land of Oz so special. Politics, sports, geography – it’s all here, and laid out in plain Australian for the average punter, to boot.

Signed copies are still available at the link below – get it up ya, or go dip yer eye in hot cocky cack, cobber.

Check out the website

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betoota advocate book in australia

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