Micro Matter is a Micro Masterpiece

Sometimes a shift in perspective is required in order to enhance our appreciation of the commonplace. Take, for instance, a strand of hair. You have millions of them. The only time you think of one is when it’s sticking out and no amount of gel can tame it. But when you pluck that same hair and put it under a microscope a hidden world is revealed. Suddenly you’re looking at a foreign entity, a fantastic specimen rife with DNA and singularity.

micro matter micro masterpiece tube building design

Now take that same shift in perspective and apply it to the larger objects we encounter–water towers, campsites, villas, apartment buildings. Suddenly another narrative is revealed. Just like our hair, every structure has its own DNA, its own singularity and its own story. This is the essence of Micro Matter, the tiny sculptures created by Amsterdam visionary artist Rosa de Jong which will soon be available for purchase.

micro masterpiece three tube building design

Rosa suspends her miniature masterworks inside glass beakers so we can circle and study each work the way an alien race might actually be studying us. But even when we take perspective off the table, there’s a calming feng shui majesty to each piece, as though de Jong’s freelance work as an interior designer has bled into her aesthetic as an artistic creator. Micro Matter therefore has beauty and brains. You can buy one of these sculptures to ponder your own existence or to simply impress your friends with the awesome miniature artwork that fits perfectly in your living room.

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micro masterpiece tree tube design

micro masterpiece natural tube design

micro masterpiece beautiful building design

micro masterpiece two flat building design