Might As Well Jump – SKYNFEEL Condom Technology Just Got Athletic

Okay, you’re not going to believe this at first anyway so I’m just going to come out and say it. Ansell loved their SKYN condom material so much they decided to build a suit out of it. With flaps. So long jumpers can stay in the air longer. If you’re not intrigued yet then there’s no helping you. For those of you who don’t know, SKYN condoms are the thinnest rubbers on the market, made from SKYNFEEL, a high-strength, super-thin latex designed with the sole purpose of allowing you to ‘feel everything’.

skyn condom material

The brainiacs at Ansell weren’t satisfied with simply having revolutionised the safe-sex market, and decided that SKYNFEEL should have other applications. Enter Pauline Van Dongen, a fashion designer with a reputation for edgy, wearable technology. She’s put her thinking cap on and created this suit specifically for long jumpers. The lightweight nature of the material makes it a no-brainer for athletic applications, and she’s also added some dragonfly wing-inspired flaps on the arms and legs that are designed to create a small amount of lift for the wearer mid-jump, maximising their distance.

skyfeel 3d model

That’s right – it’s quite literally the first condom that actually adds length, and while we’re not sure if this is ever going to be something you can buy at your local Rebel Sport, if it is at least you could literally own a suit that will help you run so fast they’ll never see you coming.

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skyfeel 3d design

skyfeel well jump