Mind Journal Makes the Men’s Journal Cool

Kickstarter can be an awesome way to not only get fundraising to help achieve goals, but also to simply showcase some super cool products. One that is closed out not long ago that is equal parts unique and exciting is the Mind Journal, a groundbreaking new journal for men. The journal gives you prompts, thinking points and a framework to help guide thought-provoking, productive and interesting journalism. Mind Journal is a powerful yet simple journal designed for the modern day man.

mind journal notebook

While a strong point, the journal is not all substance, as it also has some excellent stylistic points. It opens flat to reveal the 100% Italian paper which is extremely high quality. With a durable and water proof leather exterior, the notebook can withstand the hardest of falls (or tears). And if it confuses you, there’s a built in instruction manual to explain the best practices for using the journal.

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mind journal notebook in hand

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