Minimalist Design Meets Handy Man Tools with Wrench Aesthetics

Do you know the difference between your open-end wrenches from your box-end or ratcheting box wrenches? If you dabble in handyman tasks but are not a mechanic, chances you only need one type of wrench but of different sizes. So why must they be so un-ergonomic in design, why can’t they be more portable for those on-the-go fix ups? Wrench Aesthetics does just that. A simplified version of the common wrench, these stainless steel comes 10-15 hexagonal head-sizes, are small enough that you can slip it into your pocket but large enough that you won’t have troubles tightening those loose parts. Obviously, they aren’t the same as your heavy-grade tools, but for your daily household items, this is the perfect tool.

 handy man tools with wrench aesthetics