Porsche’s Mission E Stealthily Drives to the Front of the Pack

If you’re going to have someone drive your next high performance vehicle and provide an insightful review, it should probably be Mark Webber. Porsche did just that with their new Mission E and Mark had plenty to say.

Mark Webber is a professional racing driver from Australia. In 2015 he competed in and won the FIA World Endurance Championship driving for Porsche works. With many wins under his belt, Mark announced in 2016 that he would be retiring in order to take on a representative role with Porsche. That role led to his test drive of the Mission E.

The Mission E duly impressed Mark. With words like gorgeous and beautiful, Mark spoke more than highly of the Porsche. Noting that it could be driven in full electric mode, Mark spoke of the “stealth performance” of the Mission E. Whisper quiet, the Mission E still has plenty of power, reining in 600 horsepower. Mark was also impressed with the ergonomic cockpit. The handling and braking had Mark singing the car’s praises as well.

With a ringing endorsement from a successful racing driver, the Mission E is poised for success. Though, even without the endorsement, the Mission E was destined to take the track in a quiet, composed, and elegant manner.

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