The Montblanc Collection that Raised Over $1M for UNICEF

In 2017, Montblanc partnered with Melbourne-based artist David Bromley for a collection of elegant pens and accessories with proceeds going to children’s education charity UNICEF. Less than 12 months later, Montblanc has revealed that it raised over $1 million for the global charity.

The collection is named ‘The Gift of Writing’, and it’s centred around three pens, made in partnership with Bromley with the Rosetta stone in mind. They feature the first letter of six different alphabets (being the first thing children around the world learn to write), in a display of harmony and unity, with education remaining the focus for the luxury brand’s philanthropic efforts. The money raised from this collection adds to the $10 million Montblanc has contributed to UNICEF since their partnership began 14 years ago.

montblanc limited edition pen helping unicef

While education is recognised as a fundamental human right, currently 63 million children aged between 6 to 11 years are out of school, while approximately 380 million won’t be able to read or handle mathematics by the time they are of age to complete primary education.

With the funds raised over the past year, Montblanc aims to help improve learning for over 5 million children across China, Brazil and Djibouti. The money will be used to improve education standards that cover reading and writing, the learning environment, community involvement, infrastructure and training teachers.

“We are grateful and humbled to see the level of support we have received from customers who have chosen to generously contribute to the work of UNICEF in communities around the world with the purchase of a piece that carries true purpose,” says Nicolas Baretzki, Montblanc CEO.

The collection also featured leather goods, watches, cufflinks and writing pads. You can find more on The Gift of Writing and Montblanc’s continued work with UNICEF on the Maison’s official website linked below.

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