The Montblanc Patron of Art Edition Peggy Guggenheim Pen

Before Paris Hilton came in to desecrate any semblance of respectability among elitist offspring, there was Peggy Guggenheim keeping it classy as a patron of the arts. And just any patron of the arts–perhaps the 20th century patron of the arts. Spending most of her adult life in Europe, Guggenheim was a notorious bohemian of excellent, broad taste, who adored and supported some of the greatest artists working at her time. Pollock, Dali, and Picasso are just a few of the people whose careers received a substantial boost thanks to Guggenheim and her dedication. To this day her personal collection on display in Venice’s Palazzo Venier Dei Leoni remains one of the best places to see masterpieces of painting and sculpture in the flesh.

montblanc patron art peggy guggenheim pen flat

In honor of the world-class patron, Montblanc has released a limited edition Peggy Guggenheim pen that intends to be as detailed and intricate as Guggenheim herself, as well as the works that make up her collection. The pen features an array of lines and shapes directly inspired by the Art Deco movement that she adored. A red lacquer inlay spiral pays tribute to the mooring poles of Venice, the city where Guggenheim spent the majority of her life and where her collection still resides. Some other details include a lion’s head embossed on the cap (in reference to Guggenheim’s Venetian palace as well as the lion of Saint Mark) and paws engraved on the gold nib as a nod toward Guggenheim’s love of dogs.

The Guggenheim Pen is the latest in a tradition of limited edition pens released by Montblanc since the early 90s. Each edition pays tribute to an influential patron of the arts. Given how synonymous Guggenheim’s name is with the best artists of the last 100 years, frankly we wonder what took them so long.

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